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R & L Connections
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Pre-Employment Background Investigations

employment investigations
Services We Provide
Statewide and County by County Indictable and Non-Idictable Searches
Civil Statewide and County by County 4pper and Lower Special Civil Searches 
Tax Liens
Document Retrievals
Copes of Mortgage Assignments and Deeds
Employers - beware of lying on resumes 

According to a recent survey by, recruiters and hiring managers stated the most common misleading information being put on resumes is: 

  • Inflated titles 
  • Inaccurate dates to cover up job hopping or gaps of employment 
  • Unfinished degrees, inflated education or "purchased" degrees  
  • Inflated salaries 
  • Inflated accomplishments 
  • Out and out lies in regards to specific roles and duties
  •  Do you believe your spouse or significant other may be unfaithful? 

    Find Out Now!
    To give you "peace of mind" we conduct domestic surveillance and undercover investigation to confirm whether or not your spouse or domestic partner is having an affair. 

    We have been providing professional and discreet infidelity investigations for three decades.

    Your call to our office will be held in the strictest of confidence. We do not discuss your case with any third party. 

    Undercover Decoy Investigators

    Would your spouse cheat if given the opportunity?

    female decoy investigatorundercover decoyflirting bar 
    A recent survey from reported that both men and women revealed that they would be willing to go to extremes to catch a cheating partner.

    We have female and male undercover operatives that go into bars, nightclubs or restaurants and act as decoys to determine if your spouse or significant other will cheat if given the opportunity. 

    This is a very effective service that will give you "peace of mind" in your relationship or marriage. 

    Your call to our office will be held in the strictest of confidence. 

    Divorce / Child Custody Investigations

     divorce investigation
    Does your ex not pay enough spousal support?
    Does your ex not pay enough child support?
    Is your ex abusive to your children?
    Do you want custody of your children? 

    If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions, we can help you.

    R & L Connections has over 17 years of experience in child custody, child support and spousal support investigation. Don't be taken advantage of by your ex or his or her attorney. We will find out the truth and help make your life better. 

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