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Bayshore Tea Party Group
275 Hwy 35, Red Bank , NJ   07701    
732-842-6652        Email:


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                       BAYSHORE TEA PARTY


Freedom is not Free

God Bless America.

Have you had enough?

Are you tired of a "jobless recovery", bad economy, losing the value of your savings, an unresponsive, out-of-control government, trillion after trillion in debt to China and America's decline in prestige, wealth and power?

We are too. We are the Bayshore Tea Party Group; part of the nationwide, grassroots Tea Party movement. Our mission is simple: 

  • Limited Government
  • Fiscal Responsibility
  • Free Markets

We will not stand idly by while the government continues to devalue our dollar, demonize success, destroy our Constitution, marginalize the majority of citizens, increase our dependence on foreign countries, and impose huge, unfunded mandates on our states which increase our skyrocketing taxes even more. 

We are taking action to improve our state government as well, spearheading several initiatives including candidate selection, issue advocacy, education and redistricting. 

Take action to restore our Republic. Join us today

As part of our efforts to grow, retain and oblige our membership so that we may continue fighting for liberty in our State and our Country, we've contracted with Bank of America to provide the easiest, safest and most stress-free way to transact membership dues and/or make a donation. As you know, or will find out, an organization as effective as ours requires a certain minimum level of financial sustenance to continue our critical work and provide a place for our members to congregate, relax or just read a book. We should add here that neither the Bayshore Tea Party Group nor any individual associated therewith will ever profit a single cent as long as we're in existence. As part of that effort, we're required to lay out the following guidelines and policies. Please take a moment to read and digest them.

Following the policies below you will find a link to Bank of America's Global Connect program that offers several convenient, safe and flexible options to make a financial contribution to the efforts of the Bayshore Tea Party Group.

Refund Policy:

All transactions, whether one-time or recurring, are final upon completion and no refunds will be given. Of course we will do all that is necessary to ensure that you will never want a refund.

Privacy Policy:

Log Files

If you do not register, our host, Squarespace, collects information limited to your general Internet settings or “log file.” Log files typically include your operating system, your ISP and IP address, the type of browser you’re using and the pages on our site that you clicked through while visiting.


The Bayshore Tea Party Group allows you to post comments on the site anonymously or by completing certain information in the comment form. (Please see our explanation of 'Log Files' above for the information our host collects when you visit our site)

We reserve the right to delete your comments for any reason. Rarely, if ever, will we do so simply because we disagree with you. We will, however, usually do so if you post something that is, in our good-faith opinion, (a) off-topic; (b) libelous, defamatory, abusive, harassing, threatening, profane, pornographic, offensive, false, misleading, or which otherwise violates or encourages others to violate these terms of use or any law, including intellectual property laws; or (c) “spam,” i.e., an attempt to advertise, solicit, or otherwise promote goods and services.

The Bayshore Tea Party Group does not own your comments and expressly disclaims any and all liability that may result from them. By commenting on our site, you agree that you retain all ownership rights in what you post here and that you will relieve us from any and all liability that may result from those postings.

Membership Benefits:

Like thousands of other tea party groups across the Country, we started with only a few people who had simply had enough and wanted to do something to change things for the better; for ourselves, for our children and to honor those who came before us. We didn't quite know in the beginning what exactly that was, but we've since learned.

Our mission is simple:

  • Limited Government 
  • Fiscal Responsibility 
  • Free Markets

In isolation those goals sound unattainable and vague, but in our travels we've identified several defined initiatives that will go a long way towards accomplishing all three. Please visit our Committee pages to learn more and drop us an email if you have any questions.

That said, our organization needs money to operate. As many of you know, we currently rent office space in Middletown on Rt. 35 that is open to all of our members and that has been used to host numerous seminars, summits and lectures by elected officials, corporate CEO's and grassroots organizers. Our humble library is growing and the coffee is always hot. Because of this and because there are several crucial initiatives with which we plan on being intimately involved, the following membership structure shall hereinafter apply.

Basic Membership:

Basic membership in the Bayshore Tea Party Group is and always will be free of charge. The following benefits shall apply to Basic membership:

  • Unlimited use of our public website and all features therein;
  • the right to attend general meetings and to have your voice heard from the floor during the public portions thereof;
  • the right to vote on matters of general applicability to the Bayshore Tea Party Group.

Full Membership:

Upon financial commitment according to the terms below for one (1) year at a time at yearly dues of $144.00($12/month for 12 months), folks ready to put their skin in the game shall be entitled to the following enhanced membership benefits:

  • Unique registration username and password for use of the private, secure portions of our website not available to the general public. Features include, but are not limited to, 1) a private discussion forum for Advanced Members only, 2) access to historical and legal documents provided free of charge, 3) participation in top-level decision polling concerning most aspects of the Bayshore Tea Party Group's activities, 4) the ability to upload documents and other data for storage on our servers, 5) personal blog page which can be made public or kept private (ex:, and, 6) access to other private portions of our website that may be added in the future;
  • Committee membership, attendance at Committee meetings and voting priviliges are restricted to Advanced Members;
  • Access to membership discounts from all of the Bayshore Tea Party Group's sponsors with whom BTPG has secured same;
  • right of first refusal for tickets and/or events to which the BTPG is invited or in which BTPG is participating;
  • personal invitations, priority seating, behind-the-scenes access to BTPG events, fundraisers, meetings, etc.; and,
  • all the benefits of Basic Membership. 

When you are ready to make a financial commitment to being an active member of the Bayshore Tea Party Group so that we may continue our work and expand our influence and sphere of activities, please CLICK HERE to be taken to Bank of America's secure transaction site, protected by 128-bit SSL security.

Eleven score and 13 years to the day after the "Thirteen United States of America" closed their Unanimous Declaration by proclaiming to the world that they, "for the support of this declaration, [and] with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence", would mutually pledge to each other their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor, the Bayshore Tea Party Group was founded.

We do not ask for your fortunes or your lives today, but rather for a financial commitment to yourselves, your children, your State and your Country, through the vehicle of the Bayshore Tea Party Group.

To you, we pledge our sacred honor and make the solemn proclamation that we will work as hard as time and our bodies allow us every day until our last breath, to reverse the tide of socialism in the United States and return to being the prosperous, exceptional nation we can be by honoring the philosophy of truly limited government, sound fiscal responsibility and honestly free markets.

In Liberty, forever,

Bayshore Tea Party Group



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