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Tuturing Club
5024 US Highway 9., Howell , NJ   07719    
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When children struggle in school, the frustration can seem overwhelming. You can blame your child, blame yourself, blame the system, or you can call Tutoring Club. Whether your child is falling behind or trying to get ahead, Tutoring Club has the tools to help achieve his or her educational goals. Give your child the chance he or she deserves. Tutoring Club knows all students have the potential to succeed. And more important, Tutoring Club guarantees to make it happen.

Tutoring Club Insights

» Improve Memory with Practice Tests
» Get Involved in Education


Why Tutoring Club is A Class Above!
If your student is having difficulty in school, we can help.

At Tutoring Club, our goal is to bring each student to the desired academic level as quickly as possible. In order to help your child succeed, he or she will receive individualized instruction from our staff of professional tutors. We work to reduce stress and build confidence by creating an individualized program for each student, starting at a level that he or she can handle and then progressing through the grade levels as rapidly as the students learning pace allows.

We are committed to helping students succeed in their education. We specialize in reading, math (from the basics through calculus), writing, study skills and SAT/ACT preparation.

Tutoring Club's Philosophy: 
» Solve the problem, not treat the symptom
» Focus on skill gaps, not on skills already acquired
» Speed is of the essence
» Guaranteed results 


At Tutoring Club we recognize each student has his or her own unique challenges and needs. This is why we create a completely customizable program to suit your student’s individual needs and grade-level. Tutoring Club uses the most advanced curriculum in tutoring combined with a positive learning environment, resulting in more lessons per hour. We maintain low student to tutor ratio, so every student receives a wealth of individualized instruction from qualified tutors who are committed to your student’s success.
Education is a lifelong building block process; a student’s educational success is determined by his or her ability to learn required skills in a timely manner to ensure a solid foundation for future learning. A lack of foundational skills not only jeopardizes current scholastic success, but also puts future academic performance in danger!

Click on the grades shown below to view specific skill requirements at each level and the programs Tutoring Club offers to ensure your student’s success:

» Pre-kindergarten
» Grade levels kindergarten through 3rd grade
» Grade levels 4th through 5th grade
» Grade levels 6th through 8th grade
» Grade levels 9th through 12th grade


Guaranteed Results
At Tutoring Club, we guarantee what we are going to do, and then we do what we guarantee!  Tutoring Club is all about results!  We deem a result successful only when we have created a student with skills to be a self-sufficient, successful student.  Successful results start with a plan to achieve those results, which is why we will lay out and guarantee our plan, cost, and time before you enroll. While many other programs only scratch the surface of a student’s underlying issue, here at Tutoring Club we will do more than put a bandage on the problem. Our thorough, exclusive TutorAid programs will get to the bottom of the issue and fix it for good! This allows the student to become independent and achieve successful results in school.

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